De 0 a Cerro —

Type : Urban planning
Year : 2017
Teacher : Julian Pena
Partner : Clara Vialis
Location : Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is a chilian city with an exceptional cultural heritage and topography. The place is concentrated around the industrial harbor, in terms of economic activities and topography. Indeed, Valparaiso is an amphitheater where the stage is the cost. Furrows named Quebradas cross from the top to the sea and emphasize the centralization.

However, the urban development focused on the harbor is now obsolete, due to the privatization and the industrial activities that cut it from the rest of the city. Now the center at the sea level endeavor to «keep its head above the water» and the highest parts are in precariousness in terms of access and infrastructure.

Our proposal aims to extend and decentralized the development areas
in Valparaiso, notably with public infrastructures of mobility. It also prevents unformal urbanization that endangers some inhabitants, gives access to the sea, and requalifies some residual spaces with adapted architectures.