Off The Mall —

Type : Public space research
Year : 2020
Management : Frank Minnaërt - Brent Patterson
Partner : Hugo Suchet
Location : /

Consumption and public space have made common way over the centuries. From trade routes across countries and continents to downtown streets framed by shop windows, they developed a sort of symbiotic relationship. Yet, today’s humanity over-consumes goods and resources. Our contemporary lifestyles are dictated by our capacities to consume. This recent acceleration of consumption, led by globalization, deeply affects the spaces which support it, including public spaces.

This research aims to study the relation between consumption and public space in the era of over-consumption. It begins with one object that appears as the emblem of mass-consumption and globalization: the shopping-mall. We studied three movements, three types of relations chronologically superimposed and juxtaposed. The Substitution of one by another, the Hybridation of one and the other, and the Dissolution of one in the other.