Talweg —

Type : Communal school
Year : 2019-2020
Teacher : Pierre David
Partner : 8 people studio
Location : Amhara, Gojjam, Ethiopia

The Ethiopian countryside, also known as «the cradle of life», is a special place, with rare beauty and abundance. In Amhara, a northern province, communities occupy the territory in a humble relationship with the environment, respecting, and living over the cycle of seasons. Nevertheless, many remote villages remain faraway from public infrastructures, such as schools. So, many children from those villages have to walk kilometers every day to attend classes.

The Talweg school is preciously located, between a village and an orphanage. The school appears as a social lever with two degrees. It will provide knowledge to young generations of the village, and allow the orphans to meet other kids. The school owns different zones, one to transmit knowledge, another one to host teachers, and a last to interact with the village and offer services.

Water plays a significant role in health development, as most diseases originate from bacterias present in consumed water. Thus, it was crucial to think about the quality of water, but also the quantities. Indeed, this area is subject to a long dry season.
The title «talweg» comes from this reflection. We created a micro water cycle, using the groundwater. Thanks to several collecting devices, we drain it to talwegs, or natural furrow that follow the natural slope. Every talweg owns infiltration well. The groundwater is, thus, continuously fed.